By Jack Mullen 

Collectivism presents as a system of thought appealing to those who believe they are intellectual, morally advanced, empathetic, concerned and cooperative. Collectivism survives because of its foggy and pseudo-intellectual appealing labelling and false advertising claims; after a majority of people have been collected , it becomes something much darker and evil. Collectivism is a system of getting people to voluntarily support and cooperate in their own enslavement.

West Virginia schools of “higher knowledge” have been captured by the same culture destroying, world conquering usurpers who now control the Federal Government and most State Governments. The same people controlling America hating schools like the University of Southern California.

West Virginia people, mostly white people, are funding these schools which are teaching their children white people do not have a right to their own culture, their own nation, or even their own history.

Marshal University, advancing the Cultural Marxist agenda of those seeking a New World Tyranny and the genocide of White People, is offering a venue for Cultural Marxist, Tim Wise to speak on “Diversity and Inclusion” on 9-11-2015 at Marshal University. How appropriate the day for which Wise comes to indoctrinate on the ideas of “Diversity”; 9-11 being the day the Usurpers solidified their grip on the minds of Americans using a trauma based mind control false flag attack on World Trade Centers in New York City.

As you may recall, “Diversity” is code for NO MORE WHITES . It is code for white genocide. Make no mistake the University wants to indoctrinate your children and is offering college credit for students to sit through 7 hours of anti-white speeches, anti-white workshops and seminars.

It is true the Capitalist (code for white people) will sell the collectivist (Zionist – Marxist) the rope used to hang him.

It is sad that white America is giving up their people and their country and their heritage as millions and millions of illegal and legal immigrants are pouring into this nation. Our borders have been taken down and, according to the Washington Examiner, there have been 42 million illegal and legal immigrants come to the United States from Mexico – with 1.7 million arriving since 2014. see this article : http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/caramba-record-//2570114

With this influx of NON AMERICANS, and especially non white people, the chances of white people maintaining a majority in their own country is impossible. Additionally, these immigrants vote for Democrats who promise to feed them, house them, educate them and treat them medically for free, all the while driving down the standard of living of traditional, Organic Americans.

White people have a right to their race, like all other races. Whites should soon wake up before their numbers dwindle beyond the point of no return.

More information about the “Diversity and Inclusion” conference and how you can become a activist against this type of indoctrination can be found here :http://www.tradyouth.org/2015/08/street-action-eyes-on-wise-at-marshall-university/


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