the walking dead zombie apoclypseHarry K. Link | Truth Broadcast Network – The ‘zombie apocalypse’ is real –  and it’s already happening. You see them all the time, if not in real life then on TV. People talking to themselves, hearing things or seeing things that we do not.

For far too many of you a friend or relative has just popped into your mind. The Walking Dead – Demonic Posession or Mental Illness, the Zombie Apacolypse is Real. So real in fact that it takes a constant barrage of sci fi exaggerated versions of it to keep you from see the real one for what it is.

We have been programmed to reference these individuals using terms like ‘mental’ or even more specific categorizations of alleged mental illness but is that always the case and if not, how often is it actually something deeper?

Lets not kid ourselves here this is a touchy subject, especially in a world where literally every single one of us fits into several categories of the DSM, the big bad book that head doctors use to determine which of hundreds of categories of alleged mental illness someone fits into.

Fortunately for the viewer I am well qualified to deal with this topic, not because I have a degree or went to a school and in fact those things would very much harm my ability to see clearly what is going on here. They in fact give people a massive blind spot on the truth of this as well as a profit motive to keep the system alive.

  • I was raised for some time by a women who was on anti-depressants which wreaked havoc on her life and the rest of the alleged family.
  • After making in roads as a truth broadcaster I was put on a medication by the government without my knowledge or consent.
  • I was among the first ever graduates of a ‘mental health court’ at which I publicly lectured the judges involved, as well as providing them book Medication Madness with hopes that it might tamper their unabated desire to FORCE DRUG everyone subjected to them.
  • Recently I had to carry my brothers casket to the gravesite so it could be lowered into the ground, you see he was an alleged schizophrenic.

As I try to get across here over and over again however there is something much deeper and darker going on here and it is not about individuals, but society as a whole.

There is a very specific reason that these psychotropic ‘medications’ cause Dissociative Identify Disorder aka Multiple Personality Disorder. Just as an individual can undergo SRA to become an unknowing tool of evil, now the entire society – or at least those on the sorcerers potions, are being used to further the agenda of those programming them through mass media. This understanding, if you can acquire it, should put all these satanic rituals and statues, board games, movies, TV shows etc. in a new light when you realize they are not just throwing it in your faces. They are actually providing the deity in physical form for their intoxicated and dissociated masses to identify with and eventually, emulate.

No decent society would encourage, demand and in fact force its people to poison their minds with these evil potions, we are going straight back to the dark ages, unless there was an agenda behind it.

The ‘zombie apocalypse’ is real, and it’s already happening. Why do you think Anon says “We are Legion”?

WAKE UP this is not a joke, the truth movement is being lead around by the enemy.

I’m back Monday night with ‘Legal Rights of Demons’ don’t miss it. is the only place you will find the deep truth being hidden by those obsessing about the days headlines so tune in to our broadcasters.

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