Victimless Crimes And The Criminal Justice System

Are you aware that there are more then 1,100,000 pages contained in the US code and that it would take 27,000 years to read yet we are all responsible for these laws?

There are more than 2.2 million people in prison 30% are illegal Elleance you should have been deported.

Are you aware that 70% of people in prison are incarcerated for violations of code where there was no actual victims nor property loss or damage?

Are you aware there are 51 private prisons that must be fed with a revolving door system of incarceration?

Are you aware that 75% of US prisoners are involved in this revolving door of recidivism?

Are you aware that private prisons embrace corruption to boost profits?

Are you aware that a Pennsylvania judge was bribed $2 million to keep the A privatejuvenile facility at maximum capacity?

Are you aware private prisons spend more than $45 million per year lobbying to make sure when you get sent to jail you go to their jails?

Are you also aware that there is no evidence of any savings by the use of private prisons?

Are you also aware that states with private prisons have been observed to dole out sentences double the time of state run presence does this put judges in danger of incarcerated people who otherwise would have been sent to prison because of the lobbying of lawmakers?

Does this $3.3 billion system mean corruption and four sentences kickbacks and other increasing illegal prosecution? The answer is yes

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