Ulbricht Silk Road Trial Day 10: DPR Pays Hells Angels to Kill 5 Silk Road Users

Bryan Shaw continued his testimony on the evidence he collected and extracted from the Silk Road database pertaining to an order of execution that Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR) placed on username FriendlyChemist and four other vendors through the Silk Road messaging service.  This situation started when DPR received a message from FriendlyChemist claiming to be the supplier of LucyDrop, a successful vendor on Silk Road.  FriendlyChemist explained how his supplier gave him $700,000 worth of product on consignment which he then gave to LucyDrop on consignment who apparently ran off with the profits from the sale.  He explained that his suppliers were from the infamous Hells Angels biker gang and that they would kill him if he did not pay them back.  FriendlyChemist informed DPR that he knew the real identities of 24 top vendors as well as the addresses of thousands of buyers.  FriendlyChemist demanded DPR pay the $700,000 debt he owed to the Hells Angels or else he would expose all of the user identities he claimed to have.  DPR refused pay him.

Eventually, a supposed representative of the Hells Angels contacted DPR concerning the situation with FriendlyChemist.  Using the username RedandWhite, the representative informed DPR that they kidnapped and presumably killed LucyDrop and were able to recoup their losses.  RedandWhite tells DPR that he still wants to meet with FriendlyChemist in person.  FriendlyChemist, convinced the Hells Angels are going to kill him, demands $500,000 from DPR so that he and his family can move and start a new life elsewhere.  Again he explains that if DPR does not pay him, he will expose the identities of the Silk Road vendors and thousands of buyers.  From here, a user named RealLucyDrop tells DPR that FriendlyChemist’s real name is Blake Krokoff and asks RedandWhite to find and kill him.  DPR agrees to pay him $150,000 for the hit.

RedandWhite contacted DPR to inform him that they killed FriendlyChemist but not before he confessed to working with LucyDrop to scam the Hells Angels and DPR.  RedandWhite also said that they worked on scamming the Silk Road with a vendor by the name of Andrew Lawsry who used several vendor names including Tony76.  Tony76 made headlines in April of 2012 after scamming Silk Road buyers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and was someone DPR would presumably want eliminated.  According to RedandWhite, Lawsry was involved in an ongoing scam of Silk Road where he would make a lot of sales to gain a good standing as a vendor and later use that good standing to convince buyers to pay him before receiving their shipments, which he never sent.  When one of his usernames’ seller feedbacks became tainted, he would open a new one and start the process over again.  DPR expressed interest in having Lawsry killed, too.

RedandWhite told DPR that he had a team put together to track and investigate Lawsry who found that he lived with three other people who were also involved in these scams.  RedandWhite also told DPR that the four of them were moving soon so he would need to make a decision soon.  DPR authorized the hit on all four of them.  Despite initially being told that killing more people in a job usually costs more per person than a single job, DPR was given the same price of $150,000 per kill for total of $600,000 for this job.  RedandWhite only charged him $500,000, the same amount FriendlyChemist had demanded earlier.

Despite all of the evidence of the planning of the 5 murders, Canadian authorities not only have no record of any of the murders taking place in the area where they allegedly occurred, they have not found any record of a Blake Krokoff, Andrew Lawsry, or the real name associated with LucyDrop living in Canada.  There is also no evidence that Hells Angels had a representative correspond with DPR or set up an account.  Neither is there any evidence that would suggest that RedandWhite, LucyDrop, RealLucyDrop, or FriendlyChemist are different people.

It is certainly possible that FriendlyChemist created both the problem and the solution in that he created a situation where he would receive the money from DPR by either blackmailing him or collecting a bounty on the blackmailer.  We know that none of the people RedandWhite claimed to have killed were ever found, were ever known to have been in Canada, or even known to have existed for that matter.  We also know that FriendlyChemist’s demand for $700,000 directly resulted in DPR giving someone $650,000 who could have been the same person who was operating as FriendlyChemist.  The order of execution of the Silk Road scammers may very well have been the real scam.

The prosecution ended its case with Shaw’s testimony.  Tomorrow the defense will continue to present their case using various character witnesses in what will likely be the last day of the trial.


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