Are You a Synthetic Human? How Do You Know For Sure?

Almost-Human-taking-apart-a-syntheticAre Synthetic Humans walking amongst us? are they being used in public arena’s to control the population? is this youtube science fiction or reality?

In part because an AI has just passed the Turing test but also because this is only a matter of time, it’s time to start considering the ramifications of synthetic humans.

Note: The following was not written by me and I not no believe there are synthetic humans around us as of this broadcast in 2014, but I know it is coming and this information will help you to understand the signs of their coming in the future. We greatly underestimate the rate at which technology is evolving, they will be around you sooner then you think.

1. The following video’s are of youtube suspect Human Synthetic’s:

a) Nicki Minaj Android Anatomic Analysis:

b) Listen to what he is talking about and the short circuit:

c) This British Politician is stuck on a speech loop, he says the exact same answer to three different questions:

d) Robotoid Collapsing and turning Reporter turning off of power button:

2. What constitutes a Synthetic Human? It is not a clone but a copy of a Human Being… one better than a puppet, there has been speculation on using these “Copies” to infiltrate the American Government from even the Cold War days:

e) The following is an overview on the manufacture and proposed purpose of a synthetic human (aka organic robot in the video):

“Dr Beter Talks on how the Organic Robotoids are real,how the Russian Scientists stumbled upon the organic robotoid by pure accident, how they look like us and how they have now infiltrated the U.S.”:

Unfortunately the following guy in this doco is very long winded and not very educated (listening and seeing him makes me think he himself is a synthetic), but he highlight’s a few good point’s on the possibility of using Synthetic Human’s to commit the biggest Economic crime in history:

f) “Paris Tosen presents a revised edition on his android conspiracy in America. As always, Tosen focuses his attention on the employment of synthetic humans being used to hijack the most powerful nation in the world. This work strongly suggests that Americans are not running America. America is being run by robots”:

g) Again, another guy that talks about Obama being synthetic, implying a spectrum of Conspiracy topics from fallen angels, to Satan and Anti-Christ… one may say he is “whacko”, one would say he knows much…. i personally am lay when it comes to most of it, but i included it for those who are interested:

h) The Muppet’s even did a segment on making a robot Politician, is this another Illuminati in Plain sight thing?:

3. Science Fiction or Reality? There is lots of proof that synthetic beings are possible with current technology at relatively low cost:

i) Examples of mechanics and puppetry movement:

j) Head animatronics example:

k) Complete Synthetic Human Bodies from SynDaver Labs:

l) Synthetic Human Abdominal Tissue from Syndaver Labs:

m) Synthetic Human Embryos

n) Synthetic Human Spem:

o) Synthetic Human Tissue:

p)Synthetic Red Blood cells:

q) 3d printing human organs:

r) Synthetic Cell created:

s) 3d Printing organs using inkjet printers:

4. The military and Darpa are already using this technology…. and at the time of this thread being posted, DARPA and Venter launch an Assembly line for genetic engineering (see last vid):
Remember in Terminator 2, where they break into sky labs to destroy the original Terminator parts that were being reverse engineered?:

t) Human Trials Next for Darpa’s Mind-Controlled Artificial Arm…icial-arm/

u) Synapse Project to Make an Artificial Human Brain Gets $16 million more from DARPA:…icial.html

v) Military Becomes a Major Funder of Synthetic Biology, and Scientists
Are Mostly Fine With That…with-that/

w) DARPA to Offer $30 Million to Jump-Start Cellular Factories…-jump.html

x) Pentagon Looks to Breed Immortal ‘Synthetic Organisms,’ Molecular Kill-Switch Included…ring/DARPA Developing “On-Demand Production” of Genetically Engineered Bio-


z) Latest (22 May 2012) Darpa, Venter Launch Assembly Line for Genetic Engineering

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