On Thursday night, June 26, 2014, wrongly convicted and persecuted and in the depths of despair, Veteran Mark Bowles slit his throat. Thank God, he is still with us. But his story of judicial targeting and torment continues on.

In an in depth interview covering the details of Mark’s attempted suicide, his mother, Diana Sprouse reveals that although Mark attemped suicide and needs admittance to a mental health facility, none will take him in due to his recent conviction by Judge Frank KundRAT’s kangaroo court.

Diana Sprouse is now seeking an appellate attorney to help in the fight to clear Mark’s name. She can be reached at 763-241-8930 and 763-267-4099, or @ Annabeth Godschild on facebook.

Mark’s is but one of the many hundreds — thousands — the 1.2 million cases of mentally ill inmates being treated in prisons when they should be in mental health facilities.

Instead of propping up the 20 plus year “COPS” propaganda campaign and now MSNBC’s obsession with prison system themed programming.

Law enforcement, the judicial and private prisons and hospitals should be exposed in all it’s ugliness instead of being slicked up with Hollywood Madison Avenue shine.

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