Israeli AttackIsrael is Targeting Civilians

Bombing mosques, houses, rescue teams, news teams, schools, special needs schools, hospitals, and even cemeteries. THIS IS SANCTIONED GENOCIDE Protests are being organized around the world calling for peace in Palestine. Tweet your pictures to us at @NewsRevo or send them to our facebook pageand we will add them. Please be sure to list your city & country.

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Israel resumed its bombing campaign against Gaza yesterday afternoon after holding fire for six hours, adhering to an Egyptian ceasefire declared for 9am yesterday.

Prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu ordered the military to “act with intensity against terror targets in Gaza” after more than 50 projectiles landed in Israel during the truce period. “Hamas will pay the price for its decision to continue this campaign. When there is no ceasefire, our response is fire.”

Mr Netanyahu said the Hamas rejection of the ceasefire gave Israel full legitimacy to expand its offensive. “No country would sit idly by while its civilian population is subjected to terrorist rocket fire. Israel is no exception.”

Comprehensive package

Hamas says ceasefire talks are continuing in Cairo but it will only agree to a comprehensive package that includes an easing of the economic blockade, an Egyptian commitment to permanently reopen the Rafah crossing and an Israeli commitment to release West Bank militants arrested in recent weeks.

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas will join the talks in Cairo today.

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