Ebola Outbreak Release Scripted Before 911

k0847461Long before the ongoing Ebola outbreak I heard these words in a video game pertaining to deliberate release of a bioweapon, an act committed specifically to deceive the people into accepting vaccines…

In the End, They’ll Beg Us to Save Them!

The game was called ‘Deus Ex’ and new versions have since come out, it’s always was and very much still is all about transhumanism.

I played this game in what seemed like the 90’s, as a hacker and of course pirate I got my hands on a lot of things before official release but it was released to the public in 2000. Back then I was not awake and so despite cut scenes in a plot so rich in Illuminati jargon you would have to be blind to miss it well, I was blind – but now I can see and I am going to give you a glimpse.

The main video on this page is one of the cut scenes, here is the ending which I never reached myself they actually say they are the Illuminati.

As horrible as the games graphics look to us today, for the time when many were still using Windows 98 if not Windows 95 I assure you they were very impressive and seeing the reflections off of the marble flooring in the game made my mouth drop.

Ebola OutbreakAnother words some serious funding went into the project, the kind that often comes from governments who want certain points driven home in order to fulfill their duty of warning the people because for those who do not know, after the warning has been issued and time has passed and the people have not lifted a finger to stop the progress of evil, God allows evil to proceed with it’s plan.

How many games, how many movies have been since made showing the deliberate release of a bioweapon? Let us take just a brief run through some movie trailers that I can remember off the top of my head…

These and other movies and games link together 3 key elements over and over again, what Tom Horn refers to as GRIN technologies which is Genetics (altering the human genome), Robotics (typically cyborg tech as depicted very heavily in Deus Ex), and nanotechnology in order to demonstrate to the people how they and those around them are going to be forever altered in a despotic future that grinds ever closer as the controllers perfect their control trying to become your Gods.

In view of the law of natural selection it was agreed that a nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table [sic] by choice and consent.”

ebola outbreak bioweapon bio weapon Howard Nema Truth Talk NewsTruth Broadcast Network broadcaster and the host of ‘Truth Talk News’ Howard Nema has just done a broadcast exposing Ebola as a bioweapon, whether this event has been deliberately started or not the origin of the virus is known and is no different then Lyme disease in that it came from a government run lab.

Here are the broadcast segments. Beneath that is the plot for the video game Deus Ex revealing the agenda, let these things sink in. My bag is packed, just in case.

From Wikipedia, here is the plot of the 2000 video game Deus Ex

The player assumes the identity of JC Denton, a nanotechnologically-augmented (“nano-aug”) UNATCO agent. After completing his training, JC takes several missions given by Director Joseph Manderley to track down members of the National Secessionist Forces (NSF) and their stolen shipments of the “Ambrosia” vaccine, the treatment for the “Gray Death” virus. Through these missions, JC is reunited with his brother, Paul, who is also nano-augmented. JC tracks the Ambrosia shipment to a private terminal at LaGuardia Airport. Paul meets JC outside the plane, and explains that he has defected from UNATCO and is now working with the NSF after learning that the Gray Death is a man-made virus, with UNATCO using its power to make sure only the elite receive the vaccine.[24]

JC returns to UNATCO headquarters and is told by Manderley that both he and Paul have been outfitted with a 24-hour kill switch, and that Paul’s has been activated due to his betrayal. Manderley orders JC to fly to Hong Kong to eliminate Tracer Tong, a hacker whom Paul has contact with, and who can disable the kill switches. Instead, JC returns to Paul’s apartment to find Paul hiding inside. Paul further explains his defection and encourages JC to also defect by sending out a distress call to alert the NSF’s allies. Upon doing so, JC becomes a wanted man by UNATCO, and his own kill switch is activated by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Director Walton Simons. JC is unable to escape UNATCO forces, and both he and Paul (provided he survived the raid on the apartment) are taken to a secret prison below UNATCO headquarters. An entity named “Daedalus” contacts JC and informs him that the prison is part of Majestic 12, and arranges for him and Paul to escape. The two flee to Hong Kong to meet with Tong, who deactivates their kill switches. Tong requests JC infiltrate the VersaLifebuilding. Doing so, JC discovers that the corporation is the source for the Gray Death, and he is able to steal the plans for the virus and destroy the “universal constructor” (UC) that produces it.[25]

Analysis of the virus shows it was manufactured by the Illuminati, prompting Tong to send JC to Paris to try to make contact with the organization and obtain their help fighting Majestic 12. JC eventually meets with Illuminati leader Morgan Everett, and learns that the Gray Death virus was intended to be used for augmentation technology, but Majestic 12, led by trillionaire businessman and former Illuminatus Bob Page, was able to steal and repurpose it into its current viral form. Everett recognizes that without VersaLife’s universal constructor, Majestic 12 can no longer create the virus, and will likely target Vandenberg Air Force Base, where X-51, a group of former Area 51 scientists, has built another one. After aiding the base personnel in repelling a Majestic 12 attack, JC meets X-51 leader Gary Savage, who reveals that Daedalus is an artificial intelligence (AI) borne out of the ECHELON program. Everett attempts to gain control over Majestic 12’s communications network by releasing Daedalus onto the U.S. military networks, but Page counters by releasing his own AI, Icarus, which merges with Daedalus to form a new AI, Helios, with the ability to control all global communications. After this, Savage enlists JC’s help in procuring schematics for reconstructing components for the UC that were damaged during Majestic 12’s raid of Vandenberg. JC finds the schematics and electronically transmits them to Savage. Page intercepts the transmission and launches a nuclear missile at Vandenberg to ensure that Area 51 (now Majestic 12’s headquarters), will be the only location in the world with an operational UC. However, JC is able to reprogram the missile to strike Area 51. JC then travels there himself to confront Page.

When JC locates him, Page reveals that he seeks to merge with Helios and gain full control over all nanotechnology, essentially becoming a god. JC is contacted by Tong, Everett, and the Helios AI simultaneously. All three factions ask for his help in defeating Page, while furthering their own objectives, and JC is forced to choose between them. Tong seeks to plunge the world into a second Dark Age by destroying the global communications hub and preventing anyone from taking control of the world.[26] Everett offers Denton the chance to bring the Illuminati back to power by killing Bob Page and using the technology of Area 51 to rule the world with an invisible hand.[27] Helios wishes to merge with Denton and rule the world as a benevolent dictator with infinite knowledge and reason.[28] The player’s decision determines the course of the future, and brings the game to a close.

Finally, however you feel about him we will end with a word from Alex Jones since he has a team of people investigating these things while Truth Broadcast Network works on a shoelace budget…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkGiyhoQnrs “The Satanic Rites Of Dracula – Starring Christopher Lee” <– this might give you a clue why they flew the infected Ebola doctor into USA
[8/4/2014 6:50:16 PM | Edited 6:52:28 PM] Ray (Database Engineer): go to 1hr 17mins mark and see how the plague is spread by the satanic helpers of the evil overlord!
[8/4/2014 6:55:19 PM] Ray (Database Engineer): That is patient zero holding the plague in his hand at a black satanic mass.
[1:39:54 AM] Truth Broadcast Network TBN: k thx……..
[1:54:06 AM] Truth Broadcast Network TBN: not getting it
[1:55:17 AM] Truth Broadcast Network TBN: but I can see how we should consider the ritual human sacrifice element here now thx pls lmk what i’m missing when you have time hope you are doing well Ray
[9:59:33 AM] Ray (Database Engineer): [1:53 AM] Truth Broadcast Network TBN:

<<< not getting itnot getting it in terms of can’t see the video or you don’t understand why I made the connection?
[10:07:50 AM] Ray (Database Engineer): This 1970’s film is predictive programming of the most sinister order. Here the villain “Count Dracula” played by long time actor of evil roles Christopher Lee (aka the Prince of Darkness aka Satans Son). This film is differnt to all the other Dracula films played by Christopher Lee (Dracula) and Peter Cushion (as Van Helsing) in that previous films were set in the old country “Transilvania” (Romania) in the 18th / 19th century (horse and cart era). Whereas this movie in set in modern 1970’s London. The storyline is updated with Dracula as leader of the occult Illuminati satanic cults. Modern men in business suits by day, and black robes and human sacrifices by night. These men acquire deadly plague viruses and bacteria for the prince of darkness as he plots to release the “black death plague on the world”.
[10:12:13 AM | Edited 10:49:57 AM] Ray (Database Engineer): The double dealing villian Dracula doesn’t care about his own followers, infact he uses and destroys everyone (he is pure evil, son of satan after all). The plague is in a test tube waiting for a particular midnight release. The mad scientists that created the deadly plague for Dracula are going to be double crossed and used as the transmission vector patient zero. Hence the video clip of this starts at 1hr 17 mins and we see the mad scientist rotting away with the deadly super plauge over a 10 minute period to Dracula’s delight.
[10:15:49 AM] Ray (Database Engineer): The connection is that in the “real” world (false reality) we have the NWO plotting to kill 99.9% of the humans on Earth to “Save the Planet” and we get mad scientist types like Eric Pianka (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Pianka) tell us he wants airborne Ebola to wipeout humanity!
[10:15:52 AM] Ray (Database Engineer): <quote>
[10:15:58 AM] Ray (Database Engineer): Texas Academy of Science speech

Pianka’s acceptance speech[13] for the 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist Award from the Texas Academy of Science[14] resulted in a controversy in the popular press when Forrest Mims, vice-chair of the Academy’s section on environmental science, claimed in the Society for Amateur Scientists e-journal The Citizen Scientist that Pianka had “endorsed the elimination of 90 percent of the human population” through a disease such as an airborne strain of the Ebola virus.[15] Mims claimed that Pianka said the Earth would not survive unless its population was reduced by 90% suggesting that the planet would be “better off” if the human population were reduced and that a mutant strain of Ebola (which has up to a 90% mortality rate) would be the most efficient means.[16] Mims’ affiliate at the Discovery Institute, William Dembski, then informed the Department of Homeland Security that Pianka’s speech may have been intended to foment bioterrorism.[17] This resulted in the Federal Bureau of Investigation interviewing Pianka in Austin.[18]
[10:16:02 AM] Ray (Database Engineer): </quote>
[10:17:14 AM] Ray (Database Engineer): Now can you see that the “out of context” Dracula film from the 1970’s was telling us the NWO plan to kill everyone on the planet with a deadly plague.
[10:18:11 AM] Ray (Database Engineer): And now we have Brad Pitt in upto date versions of the idea in films like “World War Z”
[10:23:52 AM] Ray (Database Engineer): Barrack Obama is like Dracula with his murderous acolytes “John Holdren” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Holdren <– this guy is like Pianka he wants to kill the world.
[1:17:55 PM] Ray (Database Engineer): …
[1:21:41 PM | Edited 1:28:52 PM] Ray (Database Engineer): Now if you want it to all make sense here is a 55min long high quality documentary made by INFOWARS given by Webster Tarpley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ls2j3aI_lRw [B] “Webster Tarpley & Elite’s Plan for Global Extermination (FULL VIDEO)” [/B] <– this video talks about “Dracula’s” plan and outlines John Holdren and Paul Ehrlich’s book on how to do it! *note* Holdren is now Obama’s science czar responsible for the technological & scientific destruction of America (aka shutting off the power etc)
[1:24:00 PM | Edited 1:24:23 PM] Ray (Database Engineer): It was very forward looking of Alex Jones to get Webster Tarpley to make this documentary talking about the death by science agenda.
[1:32:35 PM] Ray (Database Engineer): Dracula in the films is a fiction creation of a real satanic psychopath “Vlad the Impaler” but it is a metaphor for the NWO using mad scientists and satanic psychopaths to commit global genocide using science and technology along the lines of the book of Revelation “Pestilance, War, Famine”
[1:32:44 PM] Ray (Database Engineer): and finally “Death”
[1:33:56 PM] Ray (Database Engineer): anyhow the 55 min Webster Tarpley documentary outlines the plan. Worth watching.
[3:25:17 PM] Ray (Database Engineer): [10:16 AM] Ray (Database Engineer):

<<< Now can you see that the “out of context”should read “Now you can see…” NOT “Now can you see…”
[5:28:21 PM] Ray (Database Engineer): …
[5:31:03 PM | Edited 5:44:15 PM] Ray (Database Engineer): Just to add to the strangeness of things there is a TV drama series on at the moment 10pm UK time called “Utopia” about spreading a deadly disease “Russian Flu” in order to force the world population to take a “vaccine” <– and the plan is to reduce the world population to 500 million as per the Georgia Guidestones.
[5:43:27 PM] Ray (Database Engineer): https://www.facebook.com/C4Utopia <– complete with all-seeing-eye
[5:46:24 PM] Ray (Database Engineer): All total coincidence isn’t it?!? Psyop wars world wide and mind control in order to get everyone to take the deadly “vaccines”.
[10:34:16 PM] Truth Broadcast Network TBN: WOW Yea i needed to see a lot more of that movie to under stand but were one the same page thx for the insight Ray. check out these videos from a game i played back in the day, they spell it all out throughout that one this article i did has just 2 cutscenes…
[10:34:48 PM] Truth Broadcast Network TBN: http://truthbroadcastnetwork.com/ebola-outbreak-unleashed-illuminati/
[10:35:08 PM] Truth Broadcast Network TBN: in fact i might add your comments to the article…

Ebola Outbreak tbn truth broadcast network


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