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Hot Air Balloon Crash Landing

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The balloon lifted off again but then crashed shortly after onto railroad tracks nearby. No injuries reported.

TDap Vaccine Tyrants Strike Again

24 Views0 Comments Here we go with the lie "no shots, no school" Schools have been paid by the federal government to coerce/fear parents into getting their children vaccinated. They NEVER inf...

I must have been onto something about AirAsia

21 Views0 Comments Youtube is so setting itself up for a lawsuit LOL Only those who push hoaxes get to profit (as if Youtube pays a lot lmfao!)

I told you they’d blame a boogeyman for AirAsia

8 Views0 Comments FAIR USE:Here we go. The propaganda is so ridiculously lame https...

AirAsia Bodies Found….You sure about that?

16 Views0 Comments Fair Use: So here are my thoughts: I am in NO WAY saying this company is involved in any type of fraud or propaganda or collusion. This "person" does not have shoes or pan...

Home Depot’s Illegal Business Practices of Defrauding the Customer

13 Views0 Comments FAIR USE: I never shop at big retailers. I will usually pay more to shop at small businesses. They're usually more honest. Since I am in a monetary bind I checked Home Depo...

Up-close video of AirAsia Dummy

15 Views0 Comments Fair Use: The reason they put the shirt around the dummy's face is because it would be a dead giveaway. My original video http...

Here’s What the Commie Gun Grabbers Are Openly Saying

26 Views0 Comments Fair use

Flying this holiday? Avoid TSA Molestation

16 Views0 Comments I don't fly but if this can help you from being molested then more power to ya

Here They Go With Another Crazy Right-wing Extremist “Vet”

16 Views0 Comments FAIR USE

Communist China ties to Sandy Hook/Newtown families

34 Views0 Comments Fair Use:

The Claws Are Out….You Want Some??

11 Views0 Comments Youtube is the worst site ever. Time to become their fierce competitor What's weird is I uploaded this to my NEW channel and it ended up here. WTF?

Newtown/Sandy Hook/Bushmaster Laswsuit Documents

13 Views0 Comments Keep a barf bag near by. This shit will make ya puke. Gun Registration leads to gun confiscation. Gun Confi...

Dear Bushmaster

13 Views0 Comments The Sandy Hoax money grubbers are at it again. Not only have they filed wrongful death lawsuits, now they are going after Bushmaster. This is how these people remain quiet ...

What the California “storm” looks like

11 Views0 Comments The media is hyping this storm like it's a typhoon or something. Claiming the winds are out of control etc. Truth is, this storm is NO worse than what we normally have here...

Berkeley Protests December 2014

11 Views0 Comments They claim they "value life" and yet a huge percentage of their population is pro-abortion. They claim they "value life" yet they endangered a woman in labor and her unborn...

Choking A Child on Live Television Is Ok??

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Here They Go Blaming the UNvaccinated For The Vaccinated Getting Sick

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Disgusting Americans Condoning Torture

6 Views0 Comments You better really think about if torture is ok. Would it be ok for your family? Your children? Your friends?

STFU Mark Kessler….You are now irrelevant….move along


‘Chief” Kessler is a Punk A$$ B*tch Who Sucks Feddie D*ck

5 Views0 Comments He should IMMEDIATELY be tried for treason and punished if found guilty....along with those who he aided turning against the American people and their GOD GIVEN rights. He ...

Have a Happy Genetically Modified Thanksgiving!

8 Views0 Comments Fair Use Act....for educational and critical purposes of course

Government continues to experiment w/illegal vaccine ingredients

7 Views0 Comments Please make sure you read Vaccine A by Gary Matsumoto to understand more of what they did to the troops

So Republicans take over….and?? Voting is a sham. Nothing will change

9 Views0 Comments So sick of the asleep and brain washed.

You CANNOT tell me who I can break bread with…November 22nd National Feed the Homeless Day

8 Views0 Comments Maybe it's time to make those making the "do not feed the homeless" laws/ordinances homeless and see how well they do on the street

Ebola = Ebo-lie Pt 3

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SHARE THIS IMMEDIATELY Feds retaliate against Bundy Ranch….and S. Nevada

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Ebola=Ebo-lie part 2

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I’ll Be Back As Soon As I Can

10 Views0 Comments Having a lil set back but I'll be back ASAP

Troll Tactics….I won’t be intimidated or extorted or easily swayed

16 Views0 Comments *Sorry for using the GD*. Amazing illegal tactics used by trolls in attempt to scare people and shut people down....check out the twitter handle here @LarryMotts Info on ...

HPV Vaccine Contains Viral DNA

12 Views0 Comments Sorry, I got cut off....last work was vaccinated :) Had to cough so I stopped the vid LOL Here is the link

Mystery Illness in Midwest Not Really a Mystery

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Damned if you do, damned if you don’t! 5th amendment thrown out

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MSM goes into damage control after CDC leak

14 Views0 Comments Chat with TNPO Scare tactic because the CDC was outed

How many children in your state were raped by illegals last month?

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Commiefornia looks to ban plastic bags

10 Views0 Comments Jerry Brown and his commie cunt friends can suck a dick up and hiccup. I am so sick of these tyrannical fucks and I am even more sick of people putting up with this BLATANT...

Now Judges now handing out electric shocks

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Child arrested for following assignment

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Finkle is Einhorn! Einhorn is Finkle?

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HPV vaccine continues to kill

7 Views0 Comments Don't forget, the HPV vaccine contains MANY cancer causing agents! http:/...

Cop Tortures Man, People do Nothing..Start doing right by your fellow man!

18 Views0 Comments "I don't care if we fill the jails arrest anyone, any...

Can they just stop it with the West Nile lie already?

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Sandy Hookers Cult

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8 Views0 Comments links This goes back to the question the fuck are the medical workers getting it???

FB and G**gle Strike again

15 Views0 Comments How sickening

I meant September 30 2014

9 Views0 Comments Whoops!!! Sorry folks Here's the original vid

The Political Port is Having Another Contest!!! WOOOT WOOT!!

6 Views0 Comments ****I MEANT AUGUST 31st but since I said September, we'll make it September 30***** Sorry bout that Be sure to tip your hostess :)

It’s just a contrail…move along, nothing to see here

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For the asshat that said it was fake

7 Views0 Comments Wow, fluoride is really fucking up people's brains huh?

I was wrong about the Boston Bombing victims

5 Views0 Comments At least I can admit it :-P

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