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Blood Moon Images 10/8/14 ~ Halley’s Comet Debris Trail Visible October 21-22

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comForty-seven years before its next sighting, expected in 2061, we will get a tiny snapshot of

Is Ebola Outbreak Being Unleashed by the Illuminati?

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Ebola Outbreak Release Scripted Before 911 Long before the ongoing Ebola outbreak I heard these words in a video game pertaining to deliberate release of a bioweapon, an act committed specifically to deceive the peop...

Red Alert! CDC Admits Ebola is Airborne, Changes Criteria to ‘Being Within 3 Feet’ or ‘Same Room’

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comWe've been telling you for awhile now that the government and healthcare providers were not being

Unobliging Neighbors: Majority of French want Britain out of EU

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Britain's made no secret that it wants to change the EU, and get a bit of special treatment for itself.

Ebola Spreads to Philippines, Morocco and Brazil!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comThe Phillipines has reported the country's first suspected cases of the Ebola virus. According to the

BOOM! BBC Busted Using Sandy Hook’s ‘Noah Pozner’ As Pakistan Massacre Victim!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comWhile much furor and speculation has surrounded the Sandy Hook event, those questioning mainstream media

Ebola Hoax: Neon Green is the Color of MIND CONTROL! Thomas Eric Duncan

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Please share this video! Thank you!

Zombie Apocalypse: It’s Really Going to Happen

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You've Heard Chatter on the Zombie Apocalypse, Time For The Truth The evil New World Order is working on giving everyone the forbidden fruit, because it is ruled by Satan. They are testing several prototypes on the u...

Ferguson erupts again: Tear gas, looting as protesters, cops clash

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Protesters and police clashed in Ferguson on Saturday as officers used tear gas and rubber bullets to deter the demonstrators.

Learned Helplessness & “Patriot Propaganda” by Chris Davis

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When Your Friends Are the Enemy - Learned Helplessness Your enemy can never allow things to be so black and white as to allow a clear dividing line between good and evil, you should know that by now. Thus in this war...

GUN GRAB ALERT! UN Caught Posting New York “DDR” Jobs for DISARMAMENT!


ALERT: Rick Perry Luring Patriots Into Trap Along Border

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ALERT: NWO Puppet Rick Perry Tries to Lure Patriots Into Trap! Not long after the governments failed effort to engage in violent confrontation with patriots in Nevada under the corrupt jurisdiction of Harry Reid, Tex...

The American Spring – What Your Not Being Told

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The American Spring: Engineered Revolution as Geo-political Stratagem | jaysanalysis Destabilization of regions is a classic tactic of political intrigue, yet most people think the color revolutions and “Arab Sprin...

Ebola Hoax: Heather Green the neighbor of Nina Pham CNN Crisis Actors

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CNN - checkCrisis Actor - checkGreen shirt - checkNeon Green Tower - checkBullshit - CHECK!

BREAKING: All Opposition to Immigration Crisis is FAKE

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Not Only Is Immigration Crisis Manufactured - So Is Opposition! By the end of this you will be left to wonder, is the "immigration crisis" even real? Protests are staged by controllers via useful idiots who have b...

Exposed! George Soros Is Funding The Bioweapons Lab At The Focus of Ebola Outbreak!

2.27K Views0 Comments*George Soros’s foundation funds the Kenema bioweapons lab at the focus of the Ebola outbreak, and

NWO News: Zombie Apocalypse is Biblical!

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Zombie Apocalypse: It’s Really Going to Happen Zombie Apocalypse: 12 And this shall be the plague wherewith the Lord will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away whil...

Forensic Experts Conclude- ‘Foley Beheading’ Video Was Staged As War Propaganda!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comExperts: James Foley Beheading Video Likely Fake Forensic analysis confirms Infowars investigation that footage

Malaysia swarmed by GIANT moths | BREAKING NEWS – 11 JUNE 2014

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Malaysia swarmed by GIANT moths | BREAKING NEWS - 11 JUNE 2014 For more Latest and Breaking News


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First of a weeklong TRUTH TALK NEWS discussion of the controversial book the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion.<br

Video: Combat readiness check of central Russia forces underway, 2nd day

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Surprise drills in Russia's Central Military District enter their second day. In the framework of the training, aircraft hit targets

Full Secret Bundy Ranch Recordings Released

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Harry K. Link | Truth Broadcast Network - Under pressure from Truth Broadcast Network, more allegedly secret Bundy ranch recordings  were released in relation to the New World Order's ongoing psychological operation. ...

Charismatic Movement: Demonic Infiltration of the Church

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What is the 'Charismatic Movement' and is it Scriptural? "But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies... And thro...

ANTI CHRIST! Pope Francis Says ‘Personal Relationship With Jesus Is Dangerous’

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Pope Francis described as "dangerous" the temptation to believe that one can have "a personal, direct, immediate relationship with Jesus

ALERT: No Fly Zone Over Mike Brown Shooting, Internet Down!

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Sites are crashing to get this out, originally from Cop Block here is a copy of what I finally managed to get up from The Rundown Live: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued airspace restrictions (No F...

Egypt Unearthed! 1,500-Year-Old Desert Necropolis Is The Largest Ever Found!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comA cemetery containing more than a million mummified human bodies has been unearthed in central

AirAsia Crash Confirmed: Debris, Including Bodies Belongs to Flight QZ8501

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comA human body has been found in the search zone of the missing AirAsia flight,

Crazy! Missing AirAsia Flight Was Predicted, Warned About Two Weeks Ago!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comAs early as the end of the world community on the 15th of this month

SpaceX rocket docks at ISS with needed supplies

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After multiple delays and launch cancellations, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket is in orbit and docked to the International Space Station.

Crazy 2015 Economist Cover: Mushroom Cloud and ‘Green Light’ Federal Reserve Panic!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comThe Economist Cover portraying a glimpse into 2015. This cover is filled with strange things,

Did the LAPD profile African-American actress Daniele Watts as a prostitute?

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“Django Unchained” actress Daniele Watts was handcuffed and questioned by Los Angeles police officers Thursday under suspicion of being a

Ferguson Riots! Crazy Footage, Pics of ‘Chaos’ In The Streets!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comFerguson, Missouri has erupted in protests over the slaying of 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was unarmed

BUSTED Pete Santilli Running Murrieta PSYOP

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Murrieta PSYOP compared to Bundy Ranch PSYOP They are using the exact same playbook and the exact

#JusticeForJessica! 19 Year Old Girl ‘Burned Alive’ In Mississippi

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comFamily members of a teenager burned alive on Saturday night are desperate for answers in the

Ebola Hoax: 100% REVEALED! CNN + NYT caught using CRISIS ACTORS! MUST SEE

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This needs to be shared everywhere! Thank you! NSA hack: Y: <a href="" target="_blank"


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On Thursday night, June 26, 2014, wrongly convicted, persecuted and in the depths of despair, Veteran Mark Bowles slit his

WoW! Massive Mystery Crater Found In Siberia’s ‘End of the World’

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An enormous mysterious crater has left scientists scratching their heads after its discovery in northern Siberia.Footage of the

Celebs Begin to Speak: Obama is Gay & Michelle’s Transgender!

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Obama is gay

Obamacare Police State: The Mark Bowles Experience

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Obamacare - Now Refusing Healthcare Can Be Fatal This is the story of Mark Bowles, a U.S. Military Veteran.  Mark suffers from epilepsy, brain injury and PTSD.  He is being targeted and persecuted by blatantly corrup...

New DAHBOO7 ~ UndergroundWorldNews.Com

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comMake sure to subscribe to the new Channel and Bookmark the Website.NEW DAHBOO7: <a href=""

Sydney Siege Psyop Hoax – Crisis Actor Marcia Mikhael: Bizarre Demands

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For Tonight's Show:


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By Howard NemaHorrifying parents and pastors for 40 years, the grandfather of shock rock, Alice Cooper, who paved


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Detailing the history, reasons for use and the increasing abuses of asset forfeiture, including the differences between criminal and civil

Eiffel Tower battle: Rail service workers clash with police in Paris

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Protesters clashed with police on their way from Les Invalides to the Eiffel Tower after a demonstration against the privatisation

Learned Helplessness & “Patriot Propaganda” by Chris Davis

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When Your Friends Are the Enemy - Learned Helplessness Your enemy can never allow things to be so black and white as to allow a clear dividing line between good and evil, you should know that by now. Thus in this war...

‘Why did Ukraine SU-25 fly same path as MH17, simultaneously at same altitude?’ – Russian Military

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The Russian military detected a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet gaining height towards the MH17 Boeing on the day of the

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