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BUSTED Pete Santilli Running Murrieta PSYOP

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Murrieta PSYOP compared to Bundy Ranch PSYOP They are using the exact same playbook and the exact

Learned Helplessness & “Patriot Propaganda” by Chris Davis

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When Your Friends Are the Enemy - Learned Helplessness Your enemy can never allow things to be so black and white as to allow a clear dividing line between good and evil, you should know that by now. Thus in this war...


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GUN CONFISCATION, LIES, AND GOVERNMENT MENTAL ILLNESS A true story so crazy, we should commit the entire government to the psychiatric ward.   Stephanie Shea Sledge | The Government Rag | Investigative...

The American Spring – What Your Not Being Told

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The American Spring: Engineered Revolution as Geo-political Stratagem | jaysanalysis Destabilization of regions is a classic tactic of political intrigue, yet most people think the color revolutions and “Arab Sprin...

Bottomless Pit! Massive 100ft-Wide ‘Sinkhole’ Opens Up In UK!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comA 100ft-wide sinkhole that is so deep you can't see the bottom has opened up in

Ebola Hoax CONFIRMED: Full CNN video Reveals Crisis Acting + Fakery

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Peace be with you Monty. You are free to disagree - I wont censor your comments. Let everyone else make

Mike Brown PSYOP Revealed

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No one is going to believe me when I say this, but this #MikeBrown thing is looking like a #Psyop


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First of a weeklong TRUTH TALK NEWS discussion of the controversial book the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion.<br

Paris Shooting HOAX: CRISIS ACTOR REVEALED! Smiling “Partner” Duping Delight!

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Once again - perfect example of Duping Delight!

Another Mass Grave Site Discovered By Archaeologists In Texas!

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In a neglected cemetery an hour's drive north of the Mexican border, the graves of unknown immigrants lay hidden among

New Army Manual Calls for the Use of ‘Lethal Force’ Against Peaceful Protesters!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comThe new Army manual, known as ATP 3-39.33, provides discussion and techniques about civil disturbances and

RT Promoting Psyops

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Activists are broadcasting 24/7 @ Hardcore Harry is LIVE weeknights 10PM Eastern following other truth

Airstrike On Syria Footage! 9/22/14

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The First Phase of This Bombing Campaign Has Begun. This is Raw footage from Idlib Syria. Make sure

RAW: Bloody protest in NYC after Ferguson decision

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Protesters marched through the streets of New York City, Monday to demonstrate against the decision by a St Louis Grand

Red Alert! CDC Admits Ebola is Airborne, Changes Criteria to ‘Being Within 3 Feet’ or ‘Same Room’

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comWe've been telling you for awhile now that the government and healthcare providers were not being

New DAHBOO7 ~ UndergroundWorldNews.Com

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comMake sure to subscribe to the new Channel and Bookmark the Website.NEW DAHBOO7: <a href=""

Forensic Experts Conclude- ‘Foley Beheading’ Video Was Staged As War Propaganda!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comExperts: James Foley Beheading Video Likely Fake Forensic analysis confirms Infowars investigation that footage

WTF! Planned ‘Internet Outage’ Across America On September 11, 2014!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comTalk about last minute...That’s right – on the anniversary of the worst attack against the

Mass NYPD raid in Harlem leads to protests

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Activists in New York City expressed their outrage Monday over a police raid on June 4 that involved over 400

NWO News: Zombie Apocalypse is Biblical!

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Zombie Apocalypse: It’s Really Going to Happen Zombie Apocalypse: 12 And this shall be the plague wherewith the Lord will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away whil...

Texas Ebola Hoax! National Report Deceptively Runs SATIRE, Not Wanting You to Know It’s Satire!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comLET IT BE KNOWN, FROM HERE ON OUT! THE NATIONAL REPORT IS A

ISIS Steals Over 50 U.S. Howitzers, 1,500 Armored Humvees!

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Sunni radicals with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham(ISIS) have captured as many as 52 U.S.-made M198 howitzers


626 Views0 Comments This is a documentary series that was never aired due to CIA Project Mockingbird suppressive

Underground World News- Live Feed Connections

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Exposed! Ebola Czar Ron Klain Says “Overpopulation” Is Today’s Biggest Problem!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comFollow the link and turn the volume up to high to hear him say himself. He

Bring Back Our Girls PSYOP pt4

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Activists are broadcasting 24/7 @ Hardcore Harry is LIVE weeknights 10PM Eastern following other truth

Antichrist Pope Warns Any Personal Relationship With Jesus is Dangerous

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Popes are ALL antichrist and this one has made sire to go on the record about it. antichrist pope

Berkeley Madness! All Hell Breaks Loose After Police Kill Antonio Martin!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comAll Hell breaks Loose In #Berkeley Missouri After Police Shoot and Kill 18 year old

BOOM! Entire Leadership of ISIS Opposition Wiped Out By ‘Mystery Explosion’

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comNearly fifty senior commanders of a major coalition of Islamic 'moderates' opposed to ISIS in Syria

David Crowley Murder: Bombshell Evidence Hidden In Plain Sight!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.com can see the Zeekly video at link above, News Clip

ALERT! Obama Is Bringing Syrian ‘Chemical Weapons’ to Texas!

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First, the US Vessel will meet the Danish vessel Ark Futura, which is carrying Syria's entire stockpile of chemical weapons

RT Promoting Psyops pt2

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Activists are broadcasting 24/7 @ Harry is LIVE weeknights 10PM Eastern following other truth

BOOM! BBC Busted Using Sandy Hook’s ‘Noah Pozner’ As Pakistan Massacre Victim!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comWhile much furor and speculation has surrounded the Sandy Hook event, those questioning mainstream media

Opening the Third Eye for Dummies

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third eye


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Rosalind Peterson addressed the United Nations on the global warming fraud forwarding the global depopulation agenda perpetrated by profiteering multi-national

Buried Alive! Hundreds of Yazidi Women and Children Found In ISIS Mass Grave!

586 Views0 Comments"We have striking evidence obtained from Yazidis fleeing Sinjar and some who escaped death, and

Charismatic Movement: Demonic Infiltration of the Church

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What is the 'Charismatic Movement' and is it Scriptural? "But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies... And thro...

UK Oil: Cashing in on Iraq collapse

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The bloodshed is fracturing Iraqi society, with the Kurd minority reportedly planing to hold an independence referendum in the coming


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On Thursday night, June 26, 2014, wrongly convicted and persecuted and in the depths of despair, Veteran Mark Bowles slit

Is Ebola Outbreak Being Unleashed by the Illuminati?

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Ebola Outbreak Release Scripted Before 911 Long before the ongoing Ebola outbreak I heard these words in a video game pertaining to deliberate release of a bioweapon, an act committed specifically to deceive the peop...

EXPOSED Transformers 4 Depicts Rebirth of Antichrist!

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Transformers 4 - This is gonna auto post from youtube I'll update the text here on the network later check back for explanation

Crazy! Missing AirAsia Flight Was Predicted, Warned About Two Weeks Ago!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comAs early as the end of the world community on the 15th of this month

Ebola Hoax: Neon Green is the Color of MIND CONTROL! Thomas Eric Duncan

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Please share this video! Thank you!

So It Begins… 2nd Potential ‘Ebola’ Patient Being Monitored In Dallas!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comWhether or not Ebola is transmissible through the air, which is the subject of much debate

Frack them all! ‘Safe’ drilling in US (RT Documentary)

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Is fracking safe? The industry claims every precaution is taken to ensure that no harm is done to the environment

Alleged Patriots Repeat Talking Points – ARE THEY EVEN REAL?

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While we have militias allegedly massing in San Antonio, Laredo, Murreita and likely other places - if any of that

Restoring Humanity: Photographer keeps Abu Ghraib victims’ stories alive

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While American warplanes are back in the sky over Iraq - this time bombing jihadists - it's the victims of

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