Do You Believe In Magick?

Magick Is Spiritual – Not Just Sleight of Hand

do you believe in magickHarry Link | Truth Broadcast Network – Magick is initiated through ritual by man with a deep knowledge obtained from ancient sources, but the real work is supernatural and is performed by entities which are ethereal, another words by spirits from demons to angels to the creator of the universe himself.

This broadcast is a first step towards an understanding of this reality as well as the fact that it is in fact Biblical and brings up an important issues such as, is it in fact possible for man to command demons? What about angels? Is it in fact right to do so? Is this how the New World Order is maintaining control over mankind?

magickIf the following broadcast is no longer in the archive, it will expire a few weeks after this writing, you can find part of it by searching youtube for ‘D2NWO Blind on the Battlefield – Atheists’. This section goes into the spiritual nature of this war against the New World Order and how atheists being blind to this, are ineffective on that front.

Magical rituals are the precisely defined actions (including speech) used to work magic. Bronisław Malinowski describes ritual language as possessing a high “coefficient of weirdness”, by which he means that the language used in ritual is archaic and out of the ordinary, which helps foster the proper mindset to believe in the ritual.[9] S. J. Tambiah notes, however, that even if the power of the ritual is said to reside in the words, “the words only become effective if uttered in a very special context of other action.”[10] These other actions typically consist of gestures, possibly performed with special objects at a particular place or time. Object, location, and performer may require purification beforehand. This caveat draws a parallel to the felicity conditions J. L. Austin requires ofperformative utterances.[11] By “performativity” Austin means that the ritual act itself achieves the stated goal. For example, a wedding ceremony can be understood as a ritual, and only by properly performing the ritual does the marriage occur. Émile Durkheim stresses the importance of rituals as a tool to achieve “collective effervescence“, which serves to help unify society. 

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