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Virgin Galactic’s Space Ship Two Explodes During Test Flight Over Mojave Desert

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comVirgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo space plane crashed during a test flight over California's Mojave Desert this afternoon,


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My oh my what an eye! Truth Freq Media has just BUSTED the Ottawa Hoax WIDE OPEN!! MUST SEE! Please

Lives of thousands refugees put on hold as battle for Kobani rages

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Six-hundred unarmed Iraqi men have been taken from their prison cells and executed by ISIS. The harrowing revelation comes from

Virgin Galactic pilot dead after spaceship’s Mojave Desert crash

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A Virgin Galactic spaceship crashed in California’s Mojave Desert on Friday, killing one pilot and seriously injuring another. The “SpaceShip

The Template = How to Construct a HOAX / FALSE FLAG! Sawa Principles

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Another awesome video by Sawa Principles

Ebola Hoax: The Liberia Psy-Op – Liberians forcibly quarantined! MUST SEE!

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Original video:

Human rights violations abundant in Ferguson police response

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Blatant human rights violations occurred during the Ferguson, MO unrest, according to Damon Jones, the New York representative for Blacks

Ex-CIA Officer Ray McGovern describes his brutal arrest by NYPD

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The New York City Police Department arrested former CIA officer Ray McGovern on Thursday night, preventing him from attending a

Stop counting seats, look into issues — RT America Presents Special Midterm Election Coverage

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Skip the MSM on election day. Ben Swann and Erin Ade host RT America’s special election coverage on November 4th,


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Sub FRR1: so many great new channels are being featured - you can't afford to miss

The American ‘bumping, tumbling’ Empire

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Watch the full Keiser Report: SaturdayIn this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss how,

The Scandalous Scandal On ABC – TurnOffTheBox

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Great video by TurnOfftheBox:'s another one. ABC's hit show "Scandal" puts out a little

Ottawa Shooting Hoax: Corporal’s White Gloves & the CPR Fail – TruthFreqMedia

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Another great video from TruthFreqMedia:

SHADOW PROOF 2 Ottawa Shooting False Flag! DST Proves 9:20am Photo!

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Excellent work done by System Exposure:

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo aircraft crashes in Mojave desert

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The first aircraft specifically designed to send tourists into space has crashed. Virgin Galactic’s latest test flight saw its craft

WARNING! CDC Admits Ebola is Airborne by Droplets

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In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports that the CDC has now quietly admitted Ebola is Airborne by Droplets.<br

‘Dangerous precedent’ – Ray McGovern on excessive police force

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Liberty activist and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern has been released by New York police, after spending hours behind bars.

Robo-tot! Check out this SEVEN FOOT Halloween costume

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Red scarecrows: RT UK launches, mainstream trolls

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RT UK is available - for free - to 90% of British households - initially for five hours a day.

RT interviews ISIS (Promo)

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Don't miss an exclusive interview with a member of the Islamic State on November 1.RT LIVE <a href=""

Firework factory explodes the Midlands: RAW FOOTAGE

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One person was missing and at least four others injured Thursday when a fireworks factory exploded in the English town

CrossTalk: Who is Mr Putin?

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What is Putin’s image in the West? How has Putin evolved since he was elected in 2000? With an approval

Cops send MRAP, SWAT to get money from 75-yr-old

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A sheriff recently deployed an armored military vehicle and 24 armed SWAT team members to collect a fine from 75-year-old

How You’re Paying Twice For Your Big Mac: Russell Brand The Trews (E180)

0 Views0 Comments Russell Brand The Trews (E180). PART 2 of yesterday's episode in which I speak to Helena Norberg-Hodge, an analyst of the impact of the global economy on cultures and agriculture & a p...

How You’re Paying Twice For Your Big Mac: Russell Brand The Trews (E180)

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Russell Brand The Trews (E180).PART 2 of yesterday's episode in which I speak to Helena Norberg-Hodge, an analyst of

‘Ukraine gas poker with Russia not over’

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Moscow and Kiev have sealed a gas agreement after several hours of tense talks in Brussels. Previous rounds in recent

Oil, Money & Rape alarms – NYT splashes cash for climate killers

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As the world's most influential decision makers gathered in London for the annual Oil and Money conference, satirist and journalist

Twiplomacy: Kerry trips over tongue on Syria solution

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Washington is now reaching out to Moscow and Tehran for ways to negotiate with the Assad government - after years

Boom! Ottawa Shooting War Memorial Narrative EXPOSED!

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Mirror from TruthFreqMedia:

Riot & Rampage: Anti-police brutality rally turns violent in France

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Protesters demonstrating against police brutality clashed with law enforcers in the French city of Rennes. Police in anti-riot armor used

Burkina Faso Unrest: Protesters set parliament, other buildings & cars ablaze

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A state of emergency has been declared in Burkina Faso after several key buildings in the capital were set on

Russia Weaponizes The Arctic: Building 13 Airfields, 10 Radar Stations to Meet “Unwelcome Guest”

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comwo weeks ago, Sweden was gripped by a ludicrous panic when it dispatched virtually its entire

World Debt Has Reached a Staggering $158.8 Trillion!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comThe Sovereign Debt Crisis is brewing. Global debt has reach a staggering $158.8 trillion, calculated both

Suspect Charged After Oklahoma Man Is Nearly Beheaded!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comPolice in central Oklahoma said Thursday that they charged a suspect with homicide after finding a

Syrian Airstrikes On ISIS Are Proving More Precise Than Coalition Strikes!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comSyrian army strikes on Islamic State positions are more efficient than strikes of the US-led international

EU Carrying Out Biggest Ever Cybersecurity Exercise!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comMOSCOW, October 30 (RIA Novosti) - The biggest ever cybersecurity exercise is currently underway in Europe,

American Red Cross Accused of Diverting Funds from Storm Victims to Own PR Campaign!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comThe American Red Cross was ill-equipped to provide aid to victims of Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane

‘US allies want Washington to remove Syrian President Assad’

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A leaked memo cites Chuck Hagel as saying that Washington could lose its gains against ISIS unless it alters its

Politicking: Dick Morris Explains Fallout With ‘Nixonian’ Hillary

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Former Clinton insider Dick Morris opens up to Larry about his fall from grace with Bill & Hillary, and why

Drones soon to replace ambulances?

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Drones are now taking on the unexpected role of lifesavers. A Dutch student recently unveiled a prototype unmanned aerial vehicle

Independent Florida candidate threatens two-party hold on election

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Independent Florida candidate Mark Wichern is running for Congress using $200,000 from his own retirement account. Although a registered Republican,

Democratic senator’s husband caught on tape stealing GOP ads

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Delaware authorities have issued an arrest warrant for the husband of Democratic state Sen. Bethany Hall-Long after video emerged of


655 Views0 Comments TRUTH TALK NEWS welcomes Dr. Leonard Horowitz and investigative journalist Sherri Kane for

Redditor busts society on its GoPro addiction

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For IN the NOW with Anissa Naouai, The Resident discusses a Redditor's viral YouTube video, which splices together slick GoPro

Russia, Ukraine and EU reach agreement on gas supplies

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Russia, Ukraine, and the European Commission have signed an agreement on gas supply and transit conditions until March 2015 during

Feds investigate potential hacks of life-saving medical devices

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The Department of Homeland Security is reportedly investigating dozens of security vulnerabilities in medical devices. Although remote hacking of implants

White House computers compromised in “state-sponsored” hack

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The Executive Office of the President was compromised in a state-sponsored hack, according to White House officials who spoke to

Ottawa Shooting False Flag – War Memorial Narrative EXPOSED! TruthFreqMedia

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Video by TruthFreqMedia:

Antares rocket debris may threaten Wallops Island residents

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Following Tuesday’s Antares rocket explosion in Wallops Island, VA, NASA is warning residents to be on the lookout for hazardous

CRAZY! This Is What Can Happen When You Drive Sleepy!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.comTo many people are getting hurt or killed from sleepy drivers! As you can see in

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