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Is a bubble forming in the silver market?

0 Views0 Comments Gold and silver prices are exploding right now, and silver is increasing in price faster than most other commodities. Let's try to approach this rationally and discuss the possibility that...

Senator Schumer Wants Your Guns!

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Get Smoked Like Dat Blunt Remix by YETIFACE . Hilarious Video: "Rapper Passes Out From Blunt" Remix

SLAYTANIC – 04 – Stalemate Society (Official Video) (Produced by Slaytanic)

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SLAYTANIC - Stalemate Society "Official Video" 04 from the 2011 demo "Govern Your Mental"Song and Video

Trump For President 2012?

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Goldstone’s Betrayal SPARKS Political Cartoon Backlash!

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Slaytanic – 10 – Keep It Grimy (produced by Slaytanic)

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Slaytanic - Keep It 10 from: Govern Your Mental (2011) demo

Controversial Cartoons On Goldstone’s Retraction

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How to make fire with a shoestring and a knife (Bow-drill fire)

0 Views0 Comments If you want a SHTF fire starting method, don't carry a fire steel, fire steel isn't much better than a lighter. Instead learn how to make a bow-drill fire. Warning, this takes time to ma...

People who think they speak for god

0 Views0 Comments Some people seem to feel that they have the right to talk out their a#$ and assign credit to their ideas to god almighty. This is arrogant, ignorant, and dangerous. Regardless of what you ...

Why Did Fox Terminate Glenn Beck?

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Our Earthbag House – How to buid a fortress on the cheap

0 Views0 Comments Earthbag construction is a durable and affordable technique for building houses. The system was developed specifically with the goal of making them earthquake resistant, and they are in fa...

The ‘Obama Doctrine’ Debunked

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Why Did Goldstone Betray The Truth?

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The REAL Tribe SEEKING Regime Change In Libya

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Big Brother At The Airport

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