Faq / What is Truth Broadcast Network?

tbn truth broadcast network video feed liveTruth Broadcast Network is the worlds first and only ‘viral broadcast network’. Not only that it is dedicated to exposing the enslavement of your body, mind and soul by the evil that is controlling this world, often referred to as the New World Order.

The network is a loosely knit group of truth activists video streaming (also on internet radio) 24/7 to make the people see the situation they are in and inspire them to take action to change things for the better.

Truth Broadcast Network was created by ‘Hardcore’ Harry Link of D2NWO aka ‘Death to the New World Order’ in early 2012 after he decided it was not enough to videocast himself, but that he needed to create a network of truth broadcasters who would all do video. It has since evolved into viral formation after being shutdown once and is moving to a multi channel upgrade in 2014 followed by an in home package around 2018 which will literally replace cable TV in many homes not only saving money but much more importantly, opening the eyes of the masses.

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