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Are YOU Prepared for Neo-Bolsheviks and the Armed Left?

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We're going there today! Recently we've seen 'open carry' stunts for anarchists and socialists cloaking themselves in the Second Amendment to push for violent overthrow of the Constitution. Read: Come Train With Me:

The Return of Bird Flu: Overdue Pandemic Time?

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Today we discuss the avian influenza virus that is spreading rapidly, as well as the historical precedent for pandemics preceded by woes in the animal kingdom. N95: Elderberry Syrup: Tangy Tangerine: Green Vibrance:

Where Am I Going This Year? 301 Here We Come!

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I just unveiled the new Medical Prep 301 class! Nutrition, Herbs, and Old School Disease form our course curriculum, and the first class was an absolute success! Medical Prep 101 and 201 are required prerequisites for this class! Website:

How to Prepare for Yellow Fever

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Today we discuss Yellow Fever, its signs, symptoms and treatment. Tangy Tangerine: Green Vibrance:

Stop LYING to yourself: The Left wants you DEAD!

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The NY Post has owned that Obama is running a shadow government that is fomenting a coup, and THIS WEEK we have video this week of a Trump supporter being threatened by a man wielding a rifle in public:

9th Circuit: Islam, the Left, and Approaching Civil War

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The 9th Circuit has decided that Muslim foreign nationals from countries harboring terrorists are more important that your right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness Website: Facebook: Twitter:

The Violent Unraveling of the LEFT: Get Ready!

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The Women's March telegraphed what the Left is all about. Pay attention and prepare for the little Bolsheviks and their antics. They are pushing HARD for a civil war. Website:

Screw you, Madonna! You DON’T speak for ME!

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Madonna can take her filthy, disease-ridden sleaze hole and her plastic face to D.C., but she'll NEVER understand what it is to be a REAL and FREE woman.

Think TWICE about Online Hookups: Superbugs, STDs, and Dating Apps

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Think twice about those dating sites and the antibiotic-popping. Heads up: Pay attention:

TB -Tuberculosis- is BACK! Now what?

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Well we thought we had TB beat. Enter lots of illegals + refugees and BAM! TB makes a comeback! Check out these links! Green Vibrance: Check this out:

The Calm Before the Storm

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Everything from Russia to Israel and beyond has dominated the headlines for the past week. The Obama administration has proved itself worthy of absolute contempt as they make a mockery of themselves now on the international stage. Hagman Report: Website: Facebook:

Depressed for the Holidays? You’re not Alone!

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It's the most wonderful/depressing time of the year. For many people, the winter holidays are a very mixed bag of emotions. Hopefully, you can find something useful in today's video to help you get through the rough times St Johns Wort: Oils link (my referral # is 3028406): SPLANKNA:

Why This Nurse Carries a Gun

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Have you heard this phrase? "You're a NURSE! I can't BELIEVE you actually carry a gun! Aren't you supposed to want to help people? How can you be against 'universal healthcare'? " Oh, we're TOTALLY going there today.

Fish Antibiotics Are Getting Banned…RIGHT?!

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Big breath, y'all! Some antibiotics are being removed for OTC purchase, namely those for LIVESTOCK or FOOD-PRODUCING animals. Read the source docs for yourself: Fact Sheet: Read: Get a damn drug-guide. Any year in the past 5 or so will do:

Heart Attacks and Cardiac Problems in Grid-Down Disaster

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What should we do to prevent heart attacks now? What elevates a person's risk for heart disease and cardiac problems in general? What are the helpful herbs to keep on hand in case we run out of our conventional medications? Hawthorne Syrup: Cayenne Tinture: Herbal Home Health Book:

Did “The Donald” Kill Prepping?

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I published an article at the website, which I'll link to below. Since the election of Donald J. Trump, it seems that many people have lost a sense of urgency to prepare. Did the Donald's election absolve us of our need to prep? Come ride with me in the car, and let's chat! The Article:

Post-Trump Fever, Hypothyroidism, Prepping over 60 and More!

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Last night he had our first Facebook live event where I answered a selection of view questions. What can we expect now that Trump is elected? How will healthcare change in the future? What do we do grid-down for hypothyroid issues? How should retirees prep and prepare for SHTF? These questions and more answered! Thyroid conversion chart:

Anti-Trump Riots, Left-Coast Secession, and Katy Perry

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The Donald won, and now the tolerant and peaceful leftists have decided to break things, riot, light things on fire, all for the sake of 'progress'. Were we meant to stay as one big nation and force a marriage of enemies? Nope. Some very wise men called the Anti-Federalists CALLED this day long before it happened.

Do You Make These Prepping Mistakes?

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What is a common mistake when prepping medically? Are there things commonly overlooked? Are gunshot wounds the main area of focus?

How to Survive the Implosion of Obamacare

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How has healthcare changed and what is it going to look like over the next few years? What can you do to protect yourself and your family from rising costs and declining quality of care? Website: Facebook:

We’re Setting up For World War 3 and a PANDEMIC

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Why do pandemics start and spread? Are we overdue for war and pandemics? GET TRAINED: FB:

Flying? Bring Your Gun WITH You!

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How do you check a firearm? What are the requirements for travelling with a gun? What are common problems with checking a gun in your luggage? Pelican Case HERE: TSA Regs here:

Charlotte and Consequence-Free Crimes

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What happens when lawlessness bears fruit? What is REALLY behind Black Lives Matter and the anarchy being sown in the nation? What do we DO? GET TRAINED: fb:

How A Nation Dies: Be PREPARED

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What kills a nation? When lawlessness and disregard for justice rule the day, the nation is doomed. GET TRAINED: Facebook:

CHEAP Dollar Tree Medical Supplies – Prepping Low on Cash

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How do you make a medical kit on the cheap? What supplies can you grab when you're low on dough? Website: Facebook:

Chics and Guns: Why Women DON’T Carry

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What are the barriers to women carrying their guns? How do you choose good gear or a good pistol?

Where Is Our Country Headed?

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Do we have a realistic optimism? Is our economy fundamentally strong? How do we prepare for the future? Website: Facebook:

What Will YOUR Future Healthcare Look Like?

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What can you expect from your healthcare in the future? Will insurance companies continue to raise rates due to Obamacare mandates? Will there be services available in the future? School of Natural Healing Book: Herbal Healing Book:

Cholera: How to Treat and Prevent It!

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What causes cholera? How do we treat it? How do we prevent it? Antibiotics: (use Aquarium6 discount code) Vitalyte: Berkey Water Filters:

The New Normal of Violence — What It Means for YOU

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In the aftermath of seemingly endless daily shootings, what is a person to do? Carry your gun. The responsibility to protect your family is YOURS alone. Get Training HERE:

Dallas, Crooked Hillary, Obama and the State of the Union

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Website: Facebook:

Gun Control in the House – Fight Back NOW!

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Could YOU be on the list? Read the Article:

How I Survived Nursing School — And So Can You!

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How To Read A Book: Webiste: Facebook:

Gun Control: What Happens When You Beat A Caged Animal?

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Facebook Censorship of Florida Massacre – Facebook Banned Me!

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My Blog Post:

What You Should Know- Chronic Pain and Depression

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World's best pillow: Herbal tea that helps: Website:

Texas Lt. Gov tells off the Feds! Call your Gov NOW!

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Call them! No excuses!

Grid Down Heart and Blood Pressure

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Home Health Book: Natural Healing Book: Cayenne: Hawthorn Berry: Blood Circulation:

How to Manage Chronic Pain

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St John's Wort: Please Subscribe! Facebook:

Do You Worship at the Altar of Corporate Medicine?

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When the Vomitting Won’t Stop — Help for Sour Stomach

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Bentonite Clay: Activated Charcoal: Oral IV: Today we'll discuss ways to deal with vomitting at home, when there's not help. We'll also show some helpful supplies to keep on hand!

Help for Insomnia – Natural Remedies to Sleep BETTER!

67 Views0 Comments Herbal Healing Book: Alvita Valerian Tea:

How to Build Goat Pens from PALLETS!

12 Views0 Comments Today we show you how to construct goat or animal pens from pallets. You can also build pallet fences this way. Website:

The Miracle Herb for Women’s Health!

14 Views0 Comments Red Raspberry in Bulk CHEAP!: Prescription for Herbal Healing:

What to do for Pneumonia

10 Views0 Comments Green Vibrance: Website:

Grid Down Diseases — What You Need to Know

20 Views0 Comments Berkey Water Filter: What can we expect when the grid goes down? What types of diseases and deat...

Zika Virus – What YOU Need to Know!

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The Time for Compromise is OVER

13 Views0 Comments Socialists don't belong in this country. Enough.

Women’s Pistol Carry That Doesn’t Suck!

11 Views0 Comments Get the CanCan Holster HERE: Website: Facebook: https://www.faceb...

Stop the Dictator in Chief!

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