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I Have Figured Out Something You Should Know

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Don't Take It Personal

Update! Peekay’s Censored Video, Mystery Podcast, Hoax Central!

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Super duper update. LINKS:Paris Cops Bloodless:'s Back Up Channel:

Crowds Walk Out And Leave During Obama Speech In Maryland (Redsilverj)

420 Views0 Comments Walk Out And Leave During Obama Speech In Maryland (Redsilverj)Voting with their feet?

India To Help Shape A New World Order In the 21st Century (Redsilverj)

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Where does India fit in the new world order? and Modi announce agreement on

Man Eaten Alive by Anaconda for Discovery Channel (Redsilverj)

3.21K Views0 Comments Eaten Alive by Anaconda for Discovery Channel (Redsilverj)Eaten Alive Sneak Peek | Sun

Swing Copters Let’s Play Gameplay-New Flappy Bird (Redsilverj)

395 Views0 Comments Copters Let's Play Gameplay-New Flappy Bird (Redsilverj)This game was created by Dong Nguyen

RED ALERT! France to Make Conspiracy Theories ILLEGAL by Govt. Decree NWO!

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CNN’s SINKING REPORTER – ROFLMAO! Don’t bring me down!

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It's not only CNN ratings that are SINKING!!! Special guest appearances are plenty in this one! Video by Jeff C.

Ebola: Thomas Eric Duncan Dead – Ebola Psy-Op intensifies!

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Mr. Green Shirt has sadly passed. Crisis Actor "family" interviews (read: Propaganda) to follow - stay tuned!


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This proves 100% that this event is ENTIRELY STAGED and is a MASSIVE PSYOP being used to DESTROY OUR RIGHTS!!

I feel Like Quitting Too: Casting Down Demonic Imaginations & Oppression With The Word!

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Visit us @ Add us Vimeo Add us FB at <a href=""

James Foley – His Secret Life and the CIA

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James Foley was a key propagandist in sparking the U.S. air invasion of Libya, in 2011. The proof is

Germanwings Crash Hoax? More Crisis Acting?

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Heads Up! Peekay22 Terminated

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Gun Control Laws Are For Honest Non-Criminals

211 Views0 Comments Gun-Owning Mom Busted In NJ Could Face 3 Years In Prison

EboLIE: Shep Smith: NOTHING to fear from Ebola: BUT Get your Flu Shot!

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More programming from the Corporate Media...

Ghost Cities in China – Africa – Agenda 21?

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As growth slows, China's huge investment in infrastructure is looking ever harder to sustain, leaving a string of ambitious projects

Letter Sent by FBI to Martin Luther King Told Him to Commit Suicide (Redsilverj)

491 Views0 Comments Sent by FBI to Martin Luther King Told Him to Commit Suicide (Redsilverj) <br

Walter Scott Shooting Hoax: Crisis Actors? MUST SEE!

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The UN-DEAD of Columbine – Corey “The Double” DePooter

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A search for the "victims" of the 1999 Columbine 'massacre' in official records yields some shocking results. There aren't

WTF! Ebola Zombies? Untested Ebola/Rabies Vaccine To Be Unleashed On The Public!? – WAKE UP!

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Alert everyone you know and get the word out to stand against the vaccine nightmare and tyranny we're about to

It’s Raining False Flags and Hoaxes – Supergroup chat

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Huge, epic group discussion featuring #UpNorthofthe49th #KateSlate11 #DMaq #RedPillRevolution #BrianRoberts #PressResetEarth #PoliceStateRadio and Greg + Jeff C. of #FreeRadioRevolution -

Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism (Redsilverj)

416 Views0 Comments Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism (Redsilverj)Single Ladies Make More Money Than Men in

Ottawa Shooting False Flag Fully Exposed! With PoliceStateRadio + Peekay22

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Awesome chat with PoliceStateRadio and Peekay22 about the Ottawa Shooting False Flag.

Truth Movement Kills Operation American Spring pt10

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Activists are broadcasting 24/7 @ Harry is LIVE weeknights 10PM Eastern following other truth

Lessons From Comet Ison – Don’t Feed the DOOMTARDS!

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Did you learn your lesson from all the Comet Ison hysteria? Remember how NASA was lying and hellfire would reign

Participants Of Sandy Hook Hoax Paid Over $27 Million Exposed

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These people are totally exposed...there is no reason why they should be receiving these large sums of money from the

Boston Marathon Explosion Guilty Verdict in First Bombing Trial

791 Views0 Comments of the "Trouser Bomb" at the Boston Hoaxathon<br

President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Address Enhanced (Redsilverj)

200 Views0 Comments Obama's 2015 State of the Union Address Enhanced (Redsilverj)President Obama's 2015 State

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman (Redsilverj)

448 Views0 Comments Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman (Redsilverj)Here's my "reaction" to this

KafkaWinstonWorld has been terminated! Sub her Backup: neverlosetruth

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OTTAWA FALSE FLAG Why I Am So Personally Angered

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Justin Bryant (the Ottawa Expositor)

Obama Has To Throw The Fist Bump Hail Mary (Reviewmanify)

350 Views0 Comments ratings are at an all time low and Obama has no other choice but to

The Truth Behind Donald Sterling’s Media Hype, “Racism” Used To Promote

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Ministry Site FB @ &

Ottawa Shooting Hoax; The Suit, the Gun and the Stick – Pure Comedy!

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LOL! The guy in the suit shoves the big security guy.. you can see him mumble "what an asshole" ROFL.

MH-17 Real Eyewitnesses – Forbidden Testimony

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Here are some real eyewitnesses to the MH-17 "shootdown." Curiously, they make NO MENTION of any missile, smoke trail,

Tunisia Bardo Museum HOAX Smoking Gun! WDIL excerpt

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Excerpt from WDIL the RAP:

Monday Night Pre-Chat – RPR Joins the Convo!

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In Part Two, we continue our Sandy Hook discussion, welcoming Red Pill Revolution into the mix. Free Radio

SHOCKING Jim Carrey Reveals TRUTH In Plain Sight On Jimmy Kimmel

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Here we go.. Here we have Jim Carrey trying way too hard to dispel "conspiracy theories". The agenda is clear

EBOLA GREEN EXPOSED: Ebola Zombie Agenda [Full Compilation 2014]

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The Ebola Zombie agenda continues with the "Green Psyop". This is no surprise if you've been following the "Ebola

NYPD Cop Using illegal Chokehold During East Harlem Subway Arrest

375 Views0 Comments cops use illegal chokehold on suspected subway farebeater (VIDEO)<br

David Haines ISIS Islamic State Beheading is Fake Just Like Others (Reviewmanify)

1.19K Views0 Comments Haines ISIS Beheading is Fake Just Like Others(Reviewmanify)Isis video claims to show beheading

Ferguson Riot Police Allowed Buildings to Burn Down for Redevelopment Plan (Redsilverj)

571 Views0 Comments Riot Police Allowed Buildings to Burn Down for Redevelopment Plan (Redsilverj)BUSTED! Ferguson Destruction

Sony Pictures “The Interview” Movie Hoax For CISA Bill Regulating Internet (Redsilverj)

768 Views0 Comments Pictures "The Interview" Movie Hoax For CISA Bill Regulating Internet (Redsilverj)The controversial movie

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