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BUSTED Pete Santilli Running Murrieta PSYOP

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Murrieta PSYOP compared to Bundy Ranch PSYOP They are using the exact same playbook and the exact


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(Jack Mullen) - Driving around the State of Maryland (State slogan: "The Free State") one could get the impression he or she has passed into an alternative universe where the State had morphed into a dystopic, Orwel...


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GUN CONFISCATION, LIES, AND GOVERNMENT MENTAL ILLNESS A true story so crazy, we should commit the entire government to the psychiatric ward.   Stephanie Shea Sledge | The Government Rag | Investigative...

Ebola Hoax CONFIRMED: Full CNN video Reveals Crisis Acting + Fakery

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Peace be with you Monty. You are free to disagree - I wont censor your comments. Let everyone else make

Mike Brown PSYOP Revealed

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No one is going to believe me when I say this, but this #MikeBrown thing is looking like a #Psyop

The Woman who Played James Foley – Anatomy of a Fake — 18+

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ALSO SEE - -- you already know the

America’s Worst Gun Control Bill AB1014 Passed Ca Senate (Redsilverj)

422 Views0 Comments's Worst Gun Control Bill AB1014 Passed Ca Senate (Redsilverj)California Senate approves bill in

Danger of False Reports: Anita Fuentes, Efrain Rodriguez, False Dreams & Visions

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Bring Back Our Girls PSYOP pt4

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Activists are broadcasting 24/7 @ Hardcore Harry is LIVE weeknights 10PM Eastern following other truth

“Beheaded” James Foley is NOT James Foley – See For Yourself

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You've seen the 'beheading' is fake through video analysis. Now the REAL shocker. It's NOT James Foley, War

Ebola Hoax: Neon Green is the Color of MIND CONTROL! Thomas Eric Duncan

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Please share this video! Thank you!

Paris Shooting HOAX: CRISIS ACTOR REVEALED! Smiling “Partner” Duping Delight!

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Once again - perfect example of Duping Delight!

Is Ebola Outbreak Being Unleashed by the Illuminati?

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Ebola Outbreak Release Scripted Before 911 Long before the ongoing Ebola outbreak I heard these words in a video game pertaining to deliberate release of a bioweapon, an act committed specifically to deceive the peop...


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100% BUSTED! Case fucking closed: you can't make this shit up!

RT Promoting Psyops pt2

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Activists are broadcasting 24/7 @ Harry is LIVE weeknights 10PM Eastern following other truth

RT Promoting Psyops

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Activists are broadcasting 24/7 @ Hardcore Harry is LIVE weeknights 10PM Eastern following other truth

Michael Brown Murder – Weird Coincidences… or Planned Psyop?

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Before you riot... make sure what you're rioting over is real. Before you protest, make sure you're not being

Ferguson Investigation Initial Results

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On Scene Ferguson Investigation Shows Extreme Division That title alone should be disturbing enough but as you are about to see the people have been so conditioned over the last two weeks that blacks are now to a sig...

Finding A Spouse: Flirting, Lazy Men, Love Manipulation, Dating With A PLAN!

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President Obama Claims America Doesn’t Want Stay At Home Moms (Redsilverj)

630 Views0 Comments Obama Claims America Doesn't Want Stay At Home Moms (Redsilverj)"...not a choice WE

EXPOSED Transformers 4 Depicts Rebirth of Antichrist!

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Transformers 4 - This is gonna auto post from youtube I'll update the text here on the network later check back for explanation

Dr. Edward Group Exposes Ebola PSYOP on Alex Jones Show

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After much pressure from non profit alternative media outlets like Free Revolution Radio, the concept that there is NO EBOLA is openly discussed on the Alex Jones show.

BREAKING – Police Chief Helric Fredou Investigating Chalie Hebdo DIES MYSTERIOUSLY!

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Apparent suicide? Did they kill him because he uncovered something Huge???

MUST WATCH: How To Fake An ISIS Beheading In 5 Easy Steps!

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NOTICE: This is a theatrical performance involving actors. No one is hurt in this video.PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO!

Ebola Hoax: 100% REVEALED! CNN + NYT caught using CRISIS ACTORS! MUST SEE

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This needs to be shared everywhere! Thank you! NSA hack: Y: <a href="" target="_blank"

Obama Promises Use Of Ebola Swat Teams For Hoax (Redsilverj)

529 Views0 Comments Ebola Case And What We Should All Know (Redsilverj)<br

MASS UPLOAD!! We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook! Upload it EVERYWHERE!

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Paris Shooting Hoax = The Color PURPLE!! Masonic Mind Control To Program Sheeple!

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Yup - it's the Color Purple no doubt about it folks!

Biggest SCAM In Canadian History! Ottawa Shooting 100% STAGED DRILL

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RISE UP AND WAKE UP CANADA'Ottawa Parliament Hill False Flag Shooting: What A Coincidence - Canadian Authorities Ran War

CARLEE SOTO’s Gun Grab Song by Gene Rosen and the Pink Flamingos

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Happy 2 Year Anniversary! Okay, I decided to upload the original. Fuck'em! Lyrics and vocals by... you know who!

Goebbels Google+ Song by Jeff C – Banned Free Radio Revolution video

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Having Surgery, Back In 1 to Two Weeks | Keep Seeking Jesus, He Is The Only Way!

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BUSTED! Formaldehyde DUMPED in Liberian Water Wells Causing Ebola-like Symptoms

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This is absolutely MASSIVE - PLEASE SHARE!!! Formaldehyde in Water Allegedly Causing Ebola-like Symptoms

Alex Jones + InfoWars Ebola Psy-OP COMPLETELY REVEALED! Shills of NWO!

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Alex Jones and Infowhores are DISINFO AGENTS and should never be trusted with anything again!

OTTAWA HOAX CBC Redacts 9 Bullet Story and STILL Fucks Up!

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From Justin Bryant: is TOTALLY BUSTED! There's no talking your way out of this Evan

The UN-DEAD of Columbine – Corey “The Double” DePooter

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A search for the "victims" of the 1999 Columbine 'massacre' in official records yields some shocking results. There aren't

Zombie Apocalypse: It’s Really Going to Happen

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You've Heard Chatter on the Zombie Apocalypse, Time For The Truth The evil New World Order is working on giving everyone the forbidden fruit, because it is ruled by Satan. They are testing several prototypes on the u...

Malaysian Airline Flight MH17 Shot Down Conspiracy Hoax Exposed

534 Views0 Comments Airline Flight MH17 Conspiracy Theory HoaxObama's Executive Order Bans Russian AK-47s, Parts


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Please help me get this one Viral! This completely seals the deal! Thanks so much to all my awesome subs!


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MASS UPLOAD ALERT! GET THIS ON YOUR CHANNEL NOW!! Amazing video by Justin Bryant! Wake up Canada!!! <a


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My boy Jeff C. over at Free Radio Revolution got his main channel taken down. Please subscribe to his backup

Steven Sotloff – an ULTRA-SIMPLE Fake Beheading – Anyone Can Do It! – – (YouTube friendly 18+)

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In "The Woman who Played James Foley", we showed that the stand-in who assisted in his special-effects "sell" shot of

Truth On Laying Of Hands: Witches In Church, Manasseh Jordan Exposed, Sid Roth/Bethel Soaking!

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Nicki Minaj – Only (Lyric) Director Says Illuminati New World Order is Real (Redsilverj)

2.48K Views0 Comments Minaj - Only (Lyric) Director Says Illuminati New World Order is Real (Redsilverj)Nicki

Purple Paris Shooting Hoax – Abby Martin = Defender of Moderate Muslims ROFL!!

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You just can't make this shit up... thanks for the LOLs RT!

BREAKING: All Opposition to Immigration Crisis is FAKE

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Not Only Is Immigration Crisis Manufactured - So Is Opposition! By the end of this you will be left to wonder, is the "immigration crisis" even real? Protests are staged by controllers via useful idiots who have b...

Why Did the FBI HIDE James Foley’s Information? 18+

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It was discovered that the FBI is hiding public information about James Foley, which had been on the FBI website.

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